We don't proclaim to be perfect. But we are committed to sustainable tourism and here's a few things we do to support  a sustainable future.



Support Local Community


Zero Waste



Tryphena house is self-sufficient. Generating all its power from solar energy.

All our water is collected from a natural spring in the hills surrounding the house.

We grow our own produce and share it with our visitors.

We employ local, support local initiatives and collaborate with other businesses to educate visitors on being a sustainable tourist. Helping us preserve the Barrier culture and protect the environment. 

We grow our own veg, buy supplies from the bulk bins at our local store and encourage our visitors to do the same.


We recycle and feed our garden with compostable waste. (Ask Pete about his fish frame fertiliser!) 

We installed an anaerobic waste water treatment system to protect our neighbouring creek and thriving marine species. 

We've replanted the property in native plants to support our native bird life.